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China Forging Net interviews Zhang Changlong,General Manager:How to concer this financial crisis

After 30 years of opening-up China we have experienced a  huge achievement. Our Forging industry has had bright history. During this anniversary of 30 years opening-up all over China, the forging industry also will hold 2008 CMF & CFF in Shanghai, which can demonstrate forging industry history and look into the future. In the beginning of this fair, our journalist had a special interview with a famous person in the forging industry on the current situation and the economic crisis affect to the forging industry. The Professor Zhang Changlong analyses the forging industry and shows a road to success.
There is a summary of the interview between our journalist and Zhang Changlong, General Manager from Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd. as below:

Strategic thinking, rational investment are the requirements for a company to keep young.
Journalist( J): Mr. Zhang, would you like to talk about your thinking of the forging industry development in these years?
Mr. Zhang( Z ): Firstly, the development philosophy should be innovative. We are a professional manufacturer of PLC die forging hammer with a customer composition: 30% foreign-funded companies, 40% private company and 10% state-owned company, which can allow the development philosophy of foreign-funded company to create new technology to enhance the traditional state-owned company philospohies.
Secondly, the forging industry development should be rational. The past round of economic growth is extensive, largely depending on scale of expansion. But this new one must be a rational one, relying on technology. development and considering to utilize social resources responsibly.
Thirdly, advanced technology producing mode should be promoted. In the future we should learn from developed countries to develop automatic equipment and new process.
J: Mr. Zhang gives us a detailed knowledge on forging industry. Then could you please show us your thinking of equipment, process and so on in your industry and the disadvantages comparing with foreign equipment.
Z:Until now we have produced forging hammers with capacity up to 125 kJ. Our customers are all over the country and our forging hammer has been sold to lots of countries and regions, such as Russia, France, Syria, Vietnam, Taiwan and so on. PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer & rsquo;s striking energy and step can be automatically controlled through the use of online sensors, numerical displays, intelligent monitors. Ours is similar to foreign forging hammer on technical performance, reliability and accuracy .But we continue to do research on automatic auxiliary equipment and processes.
J: We should work hard to meet all kinds of technical  challenges. The crisis expansion will affect every industry more or less. Could you talk about the affect to your company in the forging industry and companies around your province?
Z: Generally speaking, opportunity is more challenging during this crisis. There are two reasons:(1)industrial technology transfer in the world (2) requirements for new equipment due to industrial technology needs rising (3) a good opportunity to transfer traditional machine to newer technologies and controls.
Lowering raw material price due to the economic crisis provides Baixie with better condition to make more technically advanced machines , which are affordable particularly for use by Chinese forging manufacturers. Our reputation and market occupation are rising now. We are sure we can achieve a lot on modern forging & forming equipment and automatic producion lines during this new economic growth and conquer this crisis successfully.
Z:To conquer this crisis, we should do as below:
seize opportunity, carry out product development, industry and structured reforming and avoiding redundant projects with lower level of economic values.
Opportunity always belongs to people with preparedness. Our innovation improvements to traditional forging hammers is not only energy-saving but also PLC controlled. We should consider this on energy-saving, high efficiency, high reliability and environmentally friendly.

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