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The 80th set forging hammer contract has been signed

On September 3th and 5th,Baixie signed the contract of CHK80 PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammers (3.15T) with Shandong Shengli Rigging Co.,Ltd and Taiwan Xinsheng Hardware Forging Co.,Ltd, which brings Baixie's PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer to 80 sets in the international market.

The customers' praises are the best praise. When a customer again choose Baixie's forging hammer, it means that this customer is satisfied with Baixie's forging hammers. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, these two companies are Baixie's old customers, who previously bought two sets and three sets forging hammers before, and they have booked Baixie's forging hammer for the third time and the fourth time.

No service is the best service! We try to excel. With the advanced technical performance, high quality products, Baixie's forging hammers have received high praise and recognition  in China and abroad. More than half of our existing customers have become repeat customers.

Baixie's forging hammers are internationally recognized for good quality. Shandong Shenli Rigging Co.,Ltd also bought a PLC forging hammer from another company in China in the past, but within one year, they have decided to buy Baixie's forging hammers.

With the China first set PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer--Baixie's forging hammer was successfully developed from 2002, Baixie has sold 80 sets PLC forging hammers, the main customers included the automobile parts manufacturers, such as Changchun Yiqi Forging Company, Dongfang Steam Turbine Company, Nanjing Auto Forging Company, Changzhou Jingling Forging Company (the biggest hardware manufacturers in China, Russia and America; the biggest surgical instrument manufacturer and stainless steel manufacturer in Asia.

Baixie have exported the forging hammers to Germany, Vietnam, Syria and Taiwan and Thailand.

Baixie's PLC forging hammers have been widely applied in automobile, motorcycle, engine machine, hydraulic tube, hardware, surgical instruments, stainless steel tableware and spaceflight industries. They are recognized as the ideal forging equipment to produce complicated parts, such as connecting rods, bend axes, rockers, steering knuckle, fork, tie plate, stainless steel knives and forks and surgical instruments, the key produce of a precise forging line.

"Create the brand of "Baixie" and stride forward at the forefront of the forging industry" is Baixie's Company Philosophy. Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd has the capacity of produce 400kJ PLC fully hydraulic forging hammer, has the largest capacity equipment, such as crane with the capacity of 120T, the floor type boring and milling machine based on T6920  and on T6916 Equipped with advanced technology, innovation theory and forging hammer experience, Baixies forging hammer will stand on the top of the forging industry.

 Writer--Jincun Jiang

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